Bathroom with Bathtub — Custom Bathroom in Harbour, NSW

Create a Custom Bathroom

Congratulations on making the decision to renovate or rebuild your bathroom to your exact style and specifications! Achieving the custom bathroom of your dreams is no easy feat - are you struggling to get the interior design solutions you have always desired?

If you’re in the Coffs Harbour areas, we will be happy to help you build your dream kitchen or bathroom. We’re proud to be able to serve throughout this region and it’s our goal to make sure your interior design dreams come true.

At Platinum Kitchens & Bathrooms we know your bathroom is an important, but often overlooked, part of your home. There are many beautiful homes in our community with eye catching exteriors. We want to help you make your interior as beautiful as the exterior. That gorgeous house of yours deserves the very best interior solutions to match the dream home you’ve always imagined.

Renovating a bathroom is no small task. Before you start thinking about tile choices or the kind of bathtub you want, it’s a great idea to get some advice from someone who really knows bathrooms. A consultation with us will answer your questions as to what kind of design best suits the needs of your family and lifestyle, that way you can consider exactly how far you want to go with your renovation.
Bathroom Mirror — Custom Bathroom in Harbour, NSW
Anyone who’s built or renovated a room knows that the biggest nightmare of all is managing all the different trades people involved. Scheduling the electrician, answering the plumber’s questions, handling the delivery and placement of your brand new appliances can be absolutely overwhelming. When you work with us we take every single piece of that stress off of your shoulders.

Let us manage all those aspects for you, taking in your design expectations and working with you to bring your vision to fruition without the headache of scheduling and managing a dozen different contractors. It’s our business to do it right and oversee as your current bathroom turns into the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.
We offer our services to Coffs Harbour and surrounds and strive to ensure our clients receive a unique and high quality result