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When you think about cabinets you probably immediately think of the kitchen. However, a professional cabinet maker’s skills reach much further than the obvious locations. You might be surprised to find out just what a difference custom built cabinetry can do for your entire home but especially your kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

Built-in storage, customised shelving and custom casing can suit these rooms perfectly and go a long way towards making your home the perfect, most functional home possible for you, your family and your lifestyle. Change your life by adding custom made furniture to your home.
Cabinetry professionals do everything from design, create, repair and update traditional cabinets of course, but another big part of their job is to create customised storage options for other spaces. Home offices, playrooms, media rooms, bedrooms, garages, all of these benefit from a space that is maximised through the use of custom built furniture and appropriately sized and placed cabinetry. Hiring a professional cabinet maker gives you an inside look at current design trends and new cabinet styles, as well as having the option of special inserts and other personalised options to make your cabinets suit your lifestyle. We can even help you make larger pieces of furniture fit snugly with the rest of the room, so that the big dining room hutch you love doesn’t jut out from your built-in shelves.
Wooden Cabinet — Custom Made Furniture in Harbour, NSW
Another function of a professional cabinet maker is the ability to update the worn or dated cabinets that currently exist in your home. Are your cabinets reminding you too much of your granny’s kitchen? Work with a cabinetry pro and your whole kitchen will feel different with just a little bit of updating. A good cabinet maker can also add glass or decorative mouldings to existing cabinets or add a specialty finish or new doors to customise your current cabinets.

Most cabinet professionals work very closely with a contractor or interior designer to make sure the end product fits the overall look you’re aiming for. At Platinum Kitchens and Bathrooms we can manage the whole project from start to finish.

Our owner has over 13 years in the cabinet making business, giving him a very strong perspective on how to custom design your furniture to fit your overall design plan. All the designing and customising happen in-house and with your approval, we never leave you out of decisions so you can be sure you will have a kitchen, bathroom or laundry that is designed top to bottom with just you in mind.